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What our clients and other professionals say about us

Vusa is a talented and dedicated legal professional.  I enjoyed working with her to create a legal services program for veterans in Wisconsin.  She invested countless hours in furtherance of our objective, and the clients appreciated her sincere drive to assist them.  Vusa is a remarkably determined individual and a very capable advocate.

Shanna N. Yonke Attorney at Law Ruder Ware

I have worked with Vusala Bentley for several years as her employer and later her friend. Vusa is a hardworking, conscientious, intelligent individual who will go that extra mile to make sure the needs of her clients are met. I believe her paralegal knowledge and interviewing skills will make her an exceptional mediator.

Christine Olsen Attorney at Law Olsen Law Office

I had the privilege to work with Vusala Bentley in her role as Chapter Director of the Wausau Chapter of Paralegals of Wisconsin.  Ms. Bentley started the Wausau Chapter, recruiting members, building support from area law firms, and organizing the 2012 Annual Seminar for Paralegals of Wisconsin which was hosted by the Wausau Chapter.  She has a passion for the law, is highly intelligent, and yet has the skill to explain complicated legal principles in terms that anyone can understand.  Ms. Bentley has the innate ability to bring people together and can get any job done.  All of these qualities serve her well as a mediator.  I would highly recommend Ms. Bentley as a mediator.

JoAnn Mancl Paralegal
There are four profound reasons you should hire Vusa to support you in your efforts.
1. She's brilliant.
Vusa wasn't born in this country, and while you can still hear a bit of her Eastern European accent, she has a greater command of English, than 90% of the people that claim English as their native tongue. This woman is also fluent in several other languages, which if you know anything about brain science, is indicative of a genius level intellect. As a consummate student of life, Vusa is curious to a fault and continually goes the extra mile in her preparation and research to maintain a level of competence and understanding on multiple fronts.
2. She has a high emotional intelligence. 
Vusa is conversant in non-verbal communication with the ability to empathize and "read" other people to a high degree. This skill alone would be gold, but she also has the mental flexibility to adjust her communication so the other person feels heard, valued, and understood.
3. She's professional yet funny. Put another way, Vusa has a killer work ethic with high professional standards, yet she is still connected to what is means to be a human being and can find a glimmer of humor when it makes a difference. Spend any time with her and it will be hard not to respect her AND love her.
4. She is on the planet to make a difference for people. 
Vusa is the epitome of the win-win narrative. This is probably largely due to her ability to see multiple perspectives, but it also comes from an almost eerie 6th sense ability to identify and honor peoples core needs and wants.
Frankly, there is more... but I didn't want to overwhelm you. If you love quick results with integrity, then you'll love Vusa.
Daniel D'Neuville Principal and founder of D'Neuville Training Group D'Neuville Training Group

I have been practicing law for 39 years. I hired Vusa approximately five years ago as a paralegal. She has unparalleled energy. A great sense of humor. Intellectual curiosity which drives her to find answers not readily discovered. But most importantly she cares deeply about justice. She will work tirelessly to achieve it. Engage her services. You will not be disappointed.

John Runde Certified Trial Attorney Davczyk & Varline, LLC