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Drafting Services

medical recordsWhat are drafting services for?

Bentley Mediation and Drafting provides collection and synopsis of medical records that will break down the patient history as requested by the client. Compilation and synopsis of these records will identify any and all subrogated interests including medical payments subrogation, Medicare, Medicaid, and other such third-party claims.

In most personal injury, worker’s compensation, and related cases, there are usually two issues at hand:

  • Liability: who is at fault?
  • Damages: what is the case worth?

In most cases liability is usually admitted through clear-cut evidence or by voluntary admission. However, what lingers in most cases through subsequent litigation is the issue of damages:

  • How much is the case worth?

Most of time the damages are sought via alleged medical and/or symptomatic injuries as a result of the loss (accident).

Unfortunately, the most thorough way to determine if the alleged injuries are related to the accident is a time-consuming and tedious process of reviewing voluminous medical records. This process can skyrocket the cost of the case.

Drafting as an effective solution

Bentley Mediation and Drafting provides collection and synopsis of data related to the alleged injury, treatments, and/or previous complaints. This includes data from various sources such as social networks, Motor Vehicle Accident Report, Responses to Discovery, and more.

Bentley Mediation and Drafting strives to create one succinct document that will enable a Claim Adjuster and/or Attorney to determine necessary information about the party, alleged injuries, description of the accident, discovery responses and findings about the party’s medical history. This document is designed to be a tool for determining the “value” of the case and how to proceed. In other words, this document is designed to identify the “problem.”