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About Bentley Mediation

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Vusa Bentley strives to help her clients achieve a mutually beneficial resolution to their conflicts by utilizing her extensive educational, professional, and multicultural background. Ms. Bentley brings to her clients a wealth of professional experience. She was a paralegal in several areas of law, including family law, probate, employment, and civil law. Her multicultural background and multilingual abilities provide a strong stamina to serve clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

Vusa Bentley is a Qualified Rule 114 Neutral (Minnesota Judicial Branch ADR I.D.: #6589) with over eight years of legal experience. She graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in American Studies. She started her professional career as a Paralegal in Wausau, Wisconsin and founded the Wausau Chapter of the Paralegal Association of Wisconsin in January, 2011. She was a Director of the Wausau Chapter for four years and was named as a Paralegal of the Year by the Paralegal Association of Wisconsin (2011).


Ms. Bentley received Civil and Family Mediation Training through Mediation Center affiliated with Hamline Mitchell School of Law. As a Qualified Neutral, Ms. Bentley provides a variety of services for resolving issues without the financial and emotional cost of trial. She began providing Mediation services after she obtained her original Civil Law Mediation Training. Since that time, she has completed additional extensive training and continuing education in the areas of Family Law Mediation, Arbitration, and Early Neutral Evaluation.

Ms. Bentley is also a Certified Personal Trainer and enjoys helping her clients set healthy goals and transform their physique. Ms. Bentley is married and has two children. She spends her leisure time with her family playing scrabble, watching movies, snowshoeing and enjoying the beauty of each season by taking long hikes.  Committed to giving back to her community, Ms. Bentley has contributed to numerous organizations and local projects over the course of her professional career, and continues to do so through the present time. She is the owner and operator of a local charity Bentley McGowan Wagomobile (for your fundraiser, please visit her Facebook page: Bentley McGowan Wagomobile).